How to activate Hulu at www.hulu com activate? 

Activating Hulu is now quite easier as there is a specific procedure to follow. Before you move further and click on http www hulu com activate, you must have a Hulu account. If you don’t have an account, you can create a fresh account. Hulu lets its users watch videos on Hulu on a trial period as well. Before start letting you know how to do www activate, let’s begin with Hulu Introduction.

Introduction to Hulu

Hulu is a premium streaming service that offers trending TV shows and movies that you wish to watch. You can pay monthly fees to access Hulu’s content library and after paying little extra money, you get the commercial free experience of watching your favorite TV shows. Hulu is also known for Hulu Live that compete with other popular Live TV services such as Sling TV and Playstation Vue.

Hulu Live offers channels such as A&E, Bravo, BTN, Boomerang, CBS Sports Network, CNBC, CNN, CNNi, Cartoon Network, Disney XD, Disney, Disney Junior, ESPNEWS, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN-U, Food Network, Fox News, Fox Business, FreeForm, FS1, FXM, FXX, FS2, FX, Golf, HLN, HGTV, and Lifetime.

If you are the one who wants to activate Hulu at activate device seeing its amazing features, we let you that below we have come up with the step by step procedure.

How to easily activate Hulu?

Activating Hulu on your TV and computer is the first step towards enjoying TV shows at Hulu. In order to safety activate Hulu, the company has made a specific procedure that every new Hulu user has to follow. Here you have come up with the procedure so that no one gets perplexed and end up activating the Hulu on different devices.

  • Go to com/activate
  • sign-in your account
  • Enter the device com/activate enter code 
  • Click Activate

How to set-up your Sprint Hulu account?

If you are an existing Sprint user and planning to set-up Sprint Hulu account to access trending video content by Hulu, then below is the procedure to get started.

  • Turn off your mobile’s Wi-Fi
  • Log in to your Sprint account
  • Select Change Services from the menu
  • Under Services to Add, select VOD and agree to terms and conditions
  • Then press continue
  • Follow the link Sprint texts you
  • Finish your Hulu registration at Follow the link to complete your registration
  • Meanwhile, keep your phone disconnected from the Wifi

As registration gets done, you are ready to Watch


How do I subscribe to Hulu from Roku? 

Roku is one of the most popular streaming devices whereas Hulu is the most popular streaming services in the USA. Pairing these two is great in every aspect. Below you will learn how to access Hulu directly from your Roku device.

  • Open Roku Store and Install Hulu channel, if you have not yet installed
  • Select ‘Start a free trial’ on the Main screen
  • Select your preferred Plan
  • Click ‘Continue’
  • Click Continue again to allow Hulu to fill your account information automatically
  • Confirm your account details including name, birthday, gender, etc
  • Enter a strong password
  • Click “I Agree” to complete the subscription
  • Finally, enter your Roku pin to confirm Hulu subscription

Why is Hulu not working on Roku?

Hulu isn’t working is a generic issue and it is simple to resolve on own within in a few minutes. Below we are sharing some hacks to quickly resolve this issue.

  • Check your network connection and ensure the internet is working
  • Unplug your Roku from the Power Outlet
  • Plug the Roku back in your power outlet after a few minutes
  • Go to Roku Home Screen and then go to Settings>System>Power>System restart
  • Once the system gets restarted, check whether Hulu started working or not
  • If not, approach Hulu Customer service

How to watch Hulu’s Content on Smart HDTV?

  • Log in to Hulu account from the HDTV application
  • Note down the activation code that’s appeared on the screen.
  • Visit Hulu’s Active Your Device page and log in if prompted.
  • Enter the activation code shown on your TV
  • Click Activate
  • That’s it

How to fix streaming issues on Hulu? 

Streaming issues are common with any streaming service. There are many reasons why you witness streaming issues. Before making any attempt to fix the streaming issue, it’s important to figure out the core cause behind the issue. There are many tips you can follow to fix this streaming issue.

  • Check if Hulu is down or no
  • Restart your Hulu app
  • Close all extra tabs and background apps
  • Ensure your Hulu app and internet browser is updated
  • Wipeout Hulu’s cache data
  • Try using an Ethernet cable instead of wireless internet connection
  • Move your internet router close little close

By applying these handy tips, most probably end up fixing streaming issues on Hulu. Just in case it does not happen, we recommend you to reach out to Hulu Customer service that addresses all sorts of Hulu related issues along with activate.

Here are some common fixes to different Hulu error code?

There are dozens of error code appears on the Hulu. Sometimes by error code messages it is not clear what does it actually means. Some error codes appear due to internet issues, however, some appear due to server error. Even some errors are the result of a hardware issue. You also get error code when the Hulu service gets interrupted. Below are some fixes in the event you face any error code.

  • Ensure your streaming device is updated
  • Restart your streaming device
  • Restart your network device (router)
  • Unplug your streaming device and Ethernet and leave them unplugged for next few minutes. Then plug back in
  • If you are using a wireless network connection, then switch to the wired connection

How to fix Hulu error code 500?

Hulu error code 500 directly indicates a server error. This is a commonly experienced error message by the Hulu users. Whenever you see this message on your screen, refresh the page. Moreover, you should stream the TV show or movie on a different internet browser. Here you also need to make sure that your internet is working well.

How to fix Hulu error code 400?

Hulu error code indicates an issue with your Hulu account information. In most of the cases, either you fix the error code by reinstalling Hulu or removing the device from your account. Here we recommend you to make sure your internet connection is fine. Once the reinstallation process gets done, try streaming something on your device. If the problem persists, we insist you dial a toll-free number by Hulu customer support.

How to remove the device from your Hulu account to get rid of error 400?

  • Visit com
  • Click on your name in the upper right corner
  • Click ‘Account’
  • Enter your password and enter log-in
  • Scroll down and reach out to watch Hulu on device
  • Click ‘Manage Devices’
  • Locate the device that is facing error 400 and click ‘Remove’
  • Once it gets done, reinstall the device and log-in your account. Here you are supposed to get rid of error code 400.

How to fix Hulu keeps buffering issue?

Being a topmost streaming service, Hulu competes with streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It rarely undergoes errors. Sometimes, the user faces buffering issues with Hulu. Application and device problem, outdated system, and internet speed are some possible causes behind the buffering issue. Therefore, if the system is outdated, quickly update and if the internet speed is the issue, fix it quickly to avoid buffering.

How to clear cache from Hulu?

Cache repository is one of the reasons why Hulu stops working for you. The point is how to remove the cache. Below you can uncover the method so that you can clear the cache on own and end-up fixing the problem.

  • Open your Home screen
  • Go to Settings > Apps > Hulu > Storage > select Clear Cache and Clear Data

The simple way to learn about how to activate Hulu;

To learn how to get www hulu com activate activation code, either you can read out the post above or reach out to the online customer support, where representatives will let you know about the procedure to http www activate.

Staying in touch with Hulu customer service is very significant. As we discussed numbers of occasions come when the users seek for help. Getting help at reputed Hulu Customer support service will ensure you get ensured help. Sharing Hulu related issues with highly educated and experienced tech agents would be a great approach. Our tech agents hold many years of rich experience in serving Hulu users who are troubling due to Hulu related issues.


We hope you got the answers to your every question that generally rise while using Hulu. We have strived to cover most of the common concerns of Hulu users. If you don’t get the solution of the issues so far, we insist you take your cell phone and dial our toll-free number.