How to reset Hulu Forgot Password in the easiest way?

The entire procedure to reset Hulu forgot password takes around 15 minutes to get done. In order to reset the password, you will require an email address so that you can get the password reset email. Ensure the email address should be your registered email address with Hulu. Let’s begin with Hulu introduction.

Introduction to Hulu

It’s an age of streaming where the viewers get endless options to watch favorite TV Shows, movies, games, etc anytime from anywhere. Hulu is a popular on-demand video streaming services in the USA, Canada, and Europe. It is co owned by Walt Disney Company and Comcast. Hulu basically focuses on offering the latest TV shows and movies to its millions of users. Even, Hulu offers its own original content that includes movies and documentaries.

Following are the steps to reset forgot Hulu Password;

No doubt Hulu com forgot password sort of situation often occurs in front of the users. But the good thing is, the password can be reset just in a few minutes if you don’t miss any step of the procedure to reset the password.

  • Go to Hulu Account page on
  • Under the Your Account section, Choose Change and then Password
  • Enter your current password and then your new password
  • Confirm the new password
  • Click on Save Changes

What is Hulu+Live TV?

Recently, Hulu has undertaken Hulu+Live TV in which you can watch on-demand TV programs from more than 60 channels. Moreover, you can also watch live TV. These channels include local news channels and sports. The latest additions to the Hulu are Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Motor Trend (formerly Velocity).

How to navigate Hulu?

  • Search bar is placed on the top right corner
  • Click in Search bar and type anything that you want to watch
  • Press OK on the remote to play the targeted content in the search bar

Can you rent the latest movies on Hulu?

Like other streaming services, Hulu does not offer movies on rentals. But you can record movies to watch later from the large library of the Hulu. Needless to say, the Hulu library has a vast collection of movies which includes latest and older ones as well. You simply have to visit the library and search your targeted one; the movie will appear in front of you.

How to Watch Hulu on your PC?

  • Visit in your web browser
  • Log in your account. If you don’t have an account then create a fresh account
  • Once you logged-in Browse or search for a show or movie that you wish to watch, and click on it to start playing it.
  • If you select TV shows, then select the episode that you want to watch

How to create an account on Hulu on the computer?

Hulu lets its users access the Hulu service through various internet-connected devices. Most of the people across the globe access Hulu via computer. If you want your computer to turn to the HULU entertainment for you, then below is the procedure to do the same.

  • Go to on your PC.
  • Click on ‘Start Your Free Trial’
  • Select a plan: Hulu, Hulu (No Ads), or Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV or Hulu + Live TV
  • Enter your email address and a new password

How to log-in Hulu account when I forgot Hulu password?

  • Launch the Hulu program on your device
  • Choose the Sign In button
  • Sign-in this apparatus
  • Enter the email address and password associated with your Hulu
  • Select Login
  • Enter personal information
  • Choose your payment option
  • Add the billing information
  • Finally, select Submit

Forgetting the password is a very common issue. Sooner or later, the users come across the situation when they find themselves not able to log-in their account. This happens when they type the wrong password. In some cases, the users are unable to log in just because of internet issue. Therefore, the first priority should be ensuring whether the internet is well-connected or not. If still, things do not work out for you, then getting online assistance at Hulu Customer Service would be great, where representatives stay attentive to address Hulu issues.

How to manage and update your Hulu account information?

At times, the users made some changes in their personal information and want to change the information on their different accounts of services they use. When it comes to updating the information on a Hulu account, below is the procedure.

  • Log-in your account on the web browser
  • Go through Your Account
  • Click on Update info (placed next to personal info)
  • Make all necessary changes including name, birthday, etc

Most probably, you will end up updating your information on own. Just in case if you feel that someone should be there for you to help you out, then directly reaching the professional tech support service provider would be a nice idea. Hulu Support Number belongs to a certified customer service that serves the Hulu users over the years. To learn more about Hulu and to get the answer of your rest of the queries, we have introduced Hulu Customer Support that works round the clock to serve the troubled Hulu users with Hulu forgot password.

Top reasons why you must stay in touch with Hulu Support;

  • Provide 100 customer satisfaction
  • The highly skilled customer service team
  • Ensure customer privacy and security
  • Attentiveness
  • 24/7 availability
  • Use cutting-technologies to fix the issues


We hope you get the answers to most of the questions regarding Hulu service. Ensure you don’t skip any step to fix the issue that you have faced with Hulu. When it comes to Hulu com forgot Password, we have uncovered the procedure in the simplest way so you don’t stick anywhere while resetting the password. Being a new user, you can educate yourself inside-out about Hulu through this post.

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